Health Tips – Simple Stretch To Relieve Knee Pain And Keep Your Knees Healthy


Knees play an important roll in our daily life, supporting our motion from walking, crouching, climbing to more vigorous exercises. Knee pain and arthritis in the knees are very common among adults. If you suffer from knee pain, you will know how uncomfortable and inconvenient it is, and your life quality will be affected. Good news is that there are some simple exercises you can do at home to help ease knee pain and protect your knees.

In this tutorial, YouTube channel OWN demonstrates a simple stretch to relieve knee pain and keep your knees healthy. All you need is a face towel or hand towel and a chair or a couch where you can sit comfortably. Follow the video and learn this simple stretching technique to get your knees feel like 10 years younger. If you suffer from knee pain, instead of relying on pain pills or paying for surgery, do this simple stretch regularly to make your knees healthy again!

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source: OWN