Groom stops the wedding at the altar, declares his vows to another woman and gives her the ring

The idea of a groom making a promise to another woman while they are at the altar might seem silly to some and downright disrespectful to others, but this is a story that proves the importance of considering all parties who are involved in a wedding.

Janna Lamb began her relationship with her eventual husband after the two had one the most adorable meet cute scenarios that we have ever heard of. She was shoveling snow out of her driveway one day when a man named Clifton offered to lend her a much needed hand. The two hit it off immediately and a love story began.

The two would soon become infatuated with one another and embark on a relationship that culminated in marriage. However, Clifton was not only in a relationship with Janna, but there was also another woman involved, a woman whose approval was very, very important to him.
Her name is Jayda and she is Janna’s daughter from a past relationship. While some men might balk at the idea of dating a woman who already has a child, Clifton embraced the prospect of having a ready made family and he knew that marrying the love of his life also meant marrying her daughter as well.

Clifton decided to let Jayda know how important she was to him and there was only one way to do that. The special gesture that ensued will certainly melt your heart and if you are anything like us, you just might require a tissue or two by the time the video has concluded.

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