Get Rid of the “Cushions” on Your Hips


It’s not pleasant to have hip cushions and for females, the belly and hips are the most common areas where fat likes to stockpile. Both men and women do have issues with fat on the love handle area but there are ways to get rid of it.

One way that these cushiony hips can accumulate fat is due to an irregular schedule of meals. What happens is when you consume food in an irregular time frame or don’t eat a healthy balance, the body doesn’t receive signals properly so the body begins to operate in other ways. Since it thinks it is going without food, the body starts to store it so then the body starts to store food. The irregular pattern becomes something the body becomes used to which then results in the body storing food and adds to more fat in the hip area. To help eliminate this, it’s best to start with breakfast as a main meal and have 2 other regular meals along with 5 small snacks throughout the day.


Another reason is because the body uses fat and carbs as fuel for the body. The fat on the hips are just areas of fatty tissue which has accumulated during times when the body wasn’t given proper nutrients so the body keeps it as a reserve. Since carbs are the body’s main fuel, too many carbohydrates cause the body to not touch the stored fat to use for body functioning. Instead, it uses the carbs it is being fed at the time.

The body can use fat as fuel for the body instead. This is best done by decreasing the intake of carbohydrates so that the body will have to start using the accumulated fat as fuel instead. When maintaining a low carb diet, eventually that extra fat on the hips will disappear.

Additionally, metabolism increases when there is physical activity which helps toBURN THE FAT. If you want to burn away that extra fat faster, incorporate exercise into your daily routine such as bike riding, swimming, jogging, or walking for at least 30 minutes per day.

One of the first things you should do to eliminate fat from the body is to stop eating bread. You can eat a few things from a bakery every now and then but not ever in the evening. Any other carbs such as pasta, potatoes, sweets and sugars should be eliminated. Carbs should only be included in the diet in small amounts which can be found in dairy products such as yogurt, sour cream, and milk which help the body to function normally.

While you might think that you can burn this fat off in just a couple of weeks, you will have to be patient. Since it took a while for those love handle cushions to build, it will take a while to eliminate them too.

One tip: don’t go measuring your hips every day or you will just feel defeated. Instead, follow a lower carb diet where you eat meals regularly for two weeks. If you measure your hips once a week, you will be surprised. Stay dedicated and have patience. You will start to see results.

Source: Healthy Food Help