Get a Workout While You Watch TV


Getting your butt out the door and to the gym on the weekends is hard enough, but when there are hours of weeknight TV to catch up on, your DVR’s siren song can be irresistible. Cave to the temptation, and you might find yourself glued to your couch for hours on end. This isn’t ideal, of course — especially when leading health experts recommend getting 150 minutes of moderate physical activity every week.

Well, fitness enthusiast Neila Rey is offering a handy fix: at-home couch workout routines. The concept is simple: During a commercial break or when you find a good pausing point in your movie, make a point to put down the snacks and work up a small sweat. Some of the exercises you could even do while you’re watching. No gym pass required here — these mini workouts actually incorporate your couch as part of the fitness routine.