In our mundane lives we rarely stop to cherish the beautiful complexity of the natural environment. It is something extraordinary that we will never fully understand, it is a realm materialized by the continuum adaptation of the universe, it is simply breathtaking when you stop, look at your own hand and try to understand how it works, taking complex scenarios in to count is even more fascinating, the perfect equilibrium and mutual signs of respect between all living organisms is tremendous.
The natural habitat has been brought to each and every one in a different form. Today, in this organized chaos, everyone has pieces of a tree embedded in their Ikea furniture, every individual had contact with domesticated animals even in the biggest city metropolis of the world. This apparent materiality shaped by humanity changes the dynamic of evolution, we have interfered with the natural habitat and it is normal do our best to maintain the natural balance whilst interfering.
A few of us have already embrace a sustainable lifestyle, or at least, what we think that is called a sustainable lifestyle; it is almost impossible to stop using packed goods but at same time throwing them in separate recycling cans and using as little as possible is still a viable option. With this thought in mind Homesthetics has featured a multitude of DIY projects meant to replace new purchases and fill items with substance and memory. Further on, pieces of the natural habitat in all its beauty, salvaged tree stumps, have been used to materialize functional pieces of art, different furniture pieces that can be materialized with ease.