Employees Find 71-Year-Old Wallet In Theater Peek Inside With Discovery Making Their Eyes Pop

Back in the ’40s, teens and families flocked to a classic movie theater in little ol’ Nevada, Iowa. It was the hit of the town at the time!

People even drove in from neighboring communities for a night out there. The theater showed the latest black and white releases, and throngs of kids would embark upon the facility.


Clare McIntosh grew up not too far from Nevada in Colo and used to frequent the theater with friends. But something happened there decades ago that slipped past Clare’s attention, only to surface years later..

The popular cinema withstood the test of time for decades, but eventually it began to show its wear and tear. Entrepreneur Larry Sloan purchased the building, which was constructed in the 1920s, but it needed quite a bit of work before it could be used again.


Larry envisioned converting the old cinema into something he called The Talent Factory, which would be a live performance comedy club. Larry and workers began digging into renovations, putting a lot of hard work into the project.

As they were renovating the third floor into glamorous balcony seating, they pulled up the flooring and made quite the discovery. Perched on a ledge they found what seemed to be a brown plastic wallet.

They cautiously reached down and retrieved the item, hoping not to disturb it too much or knock it off the ledge. It turned out to be someone’s billfold from long ago!


Larry opened it up and discovered it belonged to a 15-year-old boy named none other than Clare McIntosh. Larry, a former investigator, couldn’t help but dig through the wallet.

Realizing that the billfold contained a now antiquated pocket calendar dating back to 1944, along with ration stamps from the war and a handwritten ID card, Larry knew he just had to reunite the owner with the wallet. The ID card listed Clare’s emergency contact and his phone number of just an “8.”

There were amazing faded photos, snapshots of a life lived decades ago. Larry tracked down Clare McIntosh, not wanting to get his hopes up that he actually would find him so many years later after he lost his wallet.

He couldn’t believe it when he discovered that Clare was still in the area! What’s even more amazing is Clare’s response when he is presented with his long lost billfold!


The two men shared a good laugh. Watching Clare react to Larry’s gift of memories from his youth is incredible to see!