A backyard is a great privilege. A small land of your own, a few square meters of grass to enjoy walking on bare feet, a simple tree that offers you two apples a year, shade in every season and support for your Christmas lighting every year. It is unique. You should take advantage of this small portion of heaven in your property, you should create an luxurious DIY Fire Pit to enhance your backyard landscaping design, maybe create a DIY Cob Oven to cook your pizza outdoors for that extraordinary natural taste. Maybe even a swimming pond, a simple pool for ambiance, a DIY small pond realized out of a recycled tractor tire or a pergola design to obtain more shade.

Be the creator of your own destiny and start working on something worthwhile. All the items and DIY projects mentioned above are obviously items encouraging social cohesion, entertainment with friends and family in the shelter of your own home, maybe around a cozy and warm fire in your fire pit materialized in the backyard. This is the unofficial definition of quality time, this is the recipe to well being and happiness from our point of view.

With these warm thoughts nestled in our mind we have researched and found an extremely good guide on how to create a DIY fire pit project in your own backyard. This resides here as fuel for your imagination and it should not be treated as a perfect guide or model. It is up to you to envision your own grand design that would blend in your small portion of heaven perfectly. It is up to you to create a relation between your small pond, swimming pool, cob oven and patio or pergola if they exist, all these should be connected somehow.