Couple Notices Baby Won’t Stop Crying, Makes Horrific Discovery In Diaper (Photo)

A couple says they believe their baby daughter was injured by bits of sharp metal embedded in the girl’s diapers, or “nappies.”

Michelle Yates, of Liverpool, took to Facebook Aug. 19 with photos and accusations that her daughter, Gabriella, was cut by the metal bits they found in her diapers, reports.

“DANGER! We are appalled that Pampers baby-dry size 4 nappies bought from Asda have turned out to have shards of RAZOR SHARP METAL embedded in the inner core,” Yates, 29, wrote on her Facebook wall. Asda is popular supermarket chain in England.

Worried over nearly constant crying, the mother and father took their daughter in to be checked by doctors.

“Our baby has been crying sharply and in pain for days since we bought them, and has CUTS on her bottom,” she added. “Medical staff originally thought she was constipated and cut from straining. We finally saw little shards of metal in a new nappy at change time.”

“We were absolutely horrified when we found it,” Gabriella’s father, Lee Yates, said, according to the Daily Mail.

The experience left the couple wondering just how long they had been putting painful diapers on their daughter. They had been using the recently opened pack for about a week.  Lee said they took Gabriella back to see doctors and changed to a new batch of diapers.

(Metal bits in diaper)

“As soon as she stopped wearing them there was an instant transformation,” Lee said.

“The metal was right in the core of the nappy, inside the cotton, and the metal was in the part of the nappy right near her intimate area,” the father said.

What makes matters worse is that my daughter was born five weeks premature and has a low immune system, so having a dirty piece of metal scratching at her bottom could have given her septicemia,” Lee added.

He said he suspected the metal came from a faulty piece of machinery used in the manufacturing process.

The couple contacted Procter & Gamble, the manufacturer of Pampers diapers, to make a complaint, the Daily Mail reports.

Pampers contacted the family and asked that they send the remainder of the pack of diapers back to the company.

“Customer safety is our priority and we are in touch with the family and working to resolve this,” a Pampers representative said, according to

“This is very serious for us and very important for us to follow this through,” the representative added. “We are making sure the family are alright and the baby is well. As soon as we know anything else we will comment further.”

An Asda representative told the Daily Mail, “We take complaints of this nature very seriously and are in contact with Pampers.”

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