City Insists She Cut Down Her 110-Year-Old Tree, Then Stranger Turns It Into Wooden Masterpiece

Sara, a Washington state resident, originally bought her house because of the giant cedar tree that graced her front yard. Over the years, however, the tree began to deteriorate, lose its limbs, and become a dangerous hazard to the neighborhood.

The city insisted that Sara have the tree chopped down and removed.

The homeowner agreed to cut down the 110-year-old tree, but instead of having it turned to mulch or firewood, Sara decided to give it a beautiful new purpose. She wanted to turn the old tree into a library.

Enter Larry Carter, an unconventional artist who carves masterpieces out of wood. Never before had Larry been tasked with making a library using a chain saw before, but he took on the challenge with an open mind.

Instead of charging Sara for his work, all he asked for in return was the wood that came from his magnificent carvings that breathed new life into Sara’s neighborhood. Sara still misses the beloved tree, but is happy to commemorate its life by beginning a brand-new chapter.

Wait until you see this gorgeous library for yourself.

Bravo to Sara and Larry for coming together to give an old tree a new purpose. If you agree, please

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