Beautiful Girl Makes Decision To Cut Long Hair, New Look Leaves Her Unrecognizable

People generally tend to get makeovers done after life throws a curveball. Bad breakup? Probably time for a new hairstyle, let’s update the closet while we’re at it. Someone in the family passed away? Time to change something else. One major reason why folks tend to get a complete makeover, and one of the most heartbreaking, is because they got diagnosed with cancer. No matter which way you look at things, the moment the doctor even speaks the word is the moment life seems to crash down on top of them.

Jerome Lordet of Pierre Michel Salon in New York City got a call about an appointment one day from a young woman named Laura. She had let her hair grow out practically all of her life and recently got diagnosed with cancer. That’s a nightmare in and of itself, but undeterred she pushed forward. Laura knew the chemotherapy was going to do a number on her, so she wanted to do something with her hair that would make it flashy, memorable and most importantly — easy to handle. Fortunate for her she called the perfect stylist for the job!

Jerome knew exactly what he needed to do for this poor woman, and he set about doing it the moment she walked through the doors. He understood just how trying a time it can be when you first receive the diagnosis so he combed through her hair and began snipping away. Laura wasn’t there because of some trivial issue, she was there because she knew her life was about to change dramatically. Dramatic was right up his alley.

He started off by removing a full foot of hair from the bottom up and skillfully began layering around the nape of her neck. The change was sudden and fairly swift and her initial dread transformed into excitement. After drying her hair she was more than satisfied with the new look, but the salon wasn’t quite finished with her just yet.

After running her fingers through the now short hair a few times Katherine, one of the makeup artists at the studio, pulled her back into the chair and got to work on the rest of what they had in mind. She did her brows, lipstick and eyeliner as professionally as possible, making the already beautiful Laura that much more stunning.

By the time it was all said and done Laura got a makeover that was more than she’d ever even wanted — but she loved everything about it. See for yourself the kindness and care she received in the video below. Aside from that, her transformation is even more incredible — not that she didn’t have the looks before, but dang, man.