Baby Was Born With No Brain- 3 Years Later Doctors Can’t Believe It When They See His New Scans


There have been plenty of stories about miracle infants that battle through adversity to hang on after the doctors have written them off, but for some of them, the word miracle doesn’t do the story any justice. This is one of those stories. As Shareably shares, a boy from the UK that was born with just a trace of a brain is now four-years-old.

Shelly Wall was informed that things weren’t right with her child before he came out of the womb. The prognosis was truly grim, as they didn’t see anyway the baby would survive for very long after he was born. If the baby was able to hang on, they warned her that the quality of life would be incredibly poor. Nonetheless, Shelly pressed on instead of terminating the pregnancy, and she hoped against hope that things would turn out ok.

She gave birth to a baby boy that she named Noah. As the doctors had feared, he was born with severe birth defects. He suffered from hydrocephalus, and that led him to be born with a swollen head and nearly no brain. Roughly 98 percent of his brain was nonfunctional due to extensive fluid damage. There seemed to be absolutely no way he would make it, but Noah would prove to be a true medical marvel.

His brain would gradually grow back, and doctors would be absolutely stunned by subsequent scans through the years. Noah’s development took much longer than a normal child’s would, but he’s done some catching up. Fast forward to today, and Noah is now four-years-old. He’s still learning how to talk, but his brain is essentially the same as other children his age.

This is an incredible tale that will provide a ton of inspiration for those that have to deal with pregnancies that appear to be headed for a dark outcome. While not all stories will turn out as well as Shelly and Noah’s, there is some hope out there that’s worth fighting for.

Source: Shareably
Photos: Shareably