She Asks Mom To Be Her Prom Date. When I Saw Why My Heart Melted

Ask 17-year-old Francesca Pfeiffer who her hero is and she’ll tell you without question – her mom.

“She adopted me when I was young and gave me everything,” Francesca said of her mom, Caridad. “And she’s diabetic and has almost no feeling in her fingers, but she still managed to pack up a house and move a state away in three days when I was accepted to a really great high school.”

Caridad has not had an easy life, and she has told Francesca stories of how badly she was treated when she was younger.

“She was treated horribly by teachers and peers in school,” Francesca said, “one time a boy was dared to ask her to a dance and ended up spitting and laughing in her face.”

Caridad never went to prom and has always been a little sad about missing it, so when Francesca’s own high school prom was coming up, she knew there was only one person in the world she wanted to go with.

She asked her mom to meet her at the local high school rec room. When Caridad walked in Francesca greeted her with balloons and a big surprise.

“Since you’ve got a friend in me, I’m going the distance to take you up on an adventure with me,” Francesca read to her Disney-loving mom from a sign full of puns. “I’ll show you the world and I’ll be your new dream. So since you are my ohana, can I say something crazy? Be my guest at prom?”

Caridad was so overwhelmed that she broke down in tears, rendered speechless by her daughter’s sweet gesture.

“Are you kidding me?” she finally managed to get out.

“This is why I kept refusing to go with anybody!” Francesca laughed.

“Oh my gosh! You’re crazy!” Caridad exclaimed.

Francesca is planning on taking her mom to Las Vegas for a fancy dinner, and the pair has planned a trip to Disneyland together.

“We’ve been before and it’s a place where we can finally forget about the world and just focus on each other and having a wonderful time,” Francesca said.

But for now, they have a prom to plan!

“I’m excited to make prom up to her,” Francesca said. “Her happiness is my priority, she has done everything for me and now that I’m old enough, I can give back.”

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