Accident Leaves Pregnant Woman Dying On Freeway, But Hero Bystander Rushes To Her Side.

Nurses and teachers are some of the most under-appreciated professionals in the world. Both fields have their share of struggles, but nurses in particular are known for working grueling hours, often overnight, in an environment that can resemble a battlefield. Nurses get called off the clock when their friends get sick and are the first to leap into action when a stranger needs their help.

This truth was proved over the weekend when a male nurse named Keith Ezell, witnessed a bad accident while on the way to work. Ezell rushed into action the moment traffic stopped and the moments that followed kept us on the edge of our seats.



According to a Facebook post made by eye Ezell’s coworker and friend, Danielle Nicole, Ezell was caught on camera administering CPR to an unconscious woman on the side of the freeway. It was she that identified Ezell, who did not stay on scene to accept any praise or recognition.



For nearly 4 minutes, Ezell performed CPR to keep the woman and her unborn child alive until paramedics were able to arrive.

Clearly breathless after his ordeal, Ezell fends off the camera man’s praise and simply says, “I really need to get to work.” For Ezell, saving lives is just part of the job, which is why we are so thankful for our nurses.

Watch his incredibly selfless act in the video below.

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