8 Creative Uses for Wine Corks



What do you usually do with the wine cork after you finish the bottle of wine? Most people just throw it because they think it’s useless. But corks are not just for covering the wine bottles. They are actually much more versatile than people think. With creativity, you can turn those little corks into a range of awesome items for your home and garden. Not only will you get unique decorations, but some of the uses are practical and useful.

In the video below, HouseholdHacker shows 8 creative uses for wine corks. Did you know that you can make a candle out of corks? You can also use wine corks to make some mini plants to decorate your home. Follow the video below for these awesome uses for wine corks. Easy and great recycling ideas for wine corks! I am definitely going to give the magnets a try and then the candle idea next. How about you?

Please share these awesome wine cork hacks with your family and friends. And if you have other creative uses for wine corks, please share them with us in the comment below. Thank you!