The bed is the centerpiece of your bedroom. Thus it should be treated accordingly and given the right position and expression depending on your design scheme and personality.After you have figured out the theme for your bedroom design the rest of the furniture and decorations will follow its leader. The headboard of a bed is what gives it life and style. A leather one can express contemporaneity while a wooden one exudes a vintage appeal.
DIY Headboard Projects come in all sorts of styles but they are all easy and will definitely change the aspect of your bedroom. Just add some twinkling lights to a simple wooden headboard and the image has already changed dramatically. Color is another safe method of reviving an interior design. Simple or textured, a headboard can take a drop of color or more if you are a free, fresh spirit.Get creative with the headboard in your kid’s bedroom as well and make it fun and playful, according to his age. For your bedroom, if your design line tends to go into the elegant, sober style, choose to make a wooden headboard in dark tones or one designed entirely out of soft fabrics with bed-covers matching textures and colors. Do not forget the lighting which will give the headboard depth so search for the appropriate lighting fixtures to frame the headboard or simply incorporate light in it.