4 Useful Tape Measure Tricks You Never Knew


Tape measure is an important tool for any types of home improvement projects, simple or complicated. Most people might have more than one tape measure lying somewhere in their home. As ordinary as it looks, a tape measure has a few clever features most people didn’t know about. In the video below, seejanedrill demonstrates 4 useful tape measure tricks you never knew that can make things so much easier. For example, do you know why there is a slot at the end of the measure? If you are measuring something by yourself and don’t have someone else to hold the other end for you, put a nail or screw in that slot to help hold the tape measure in place. Another great feature about a tape measure is its serrated edge, which will help to mark down the place of measurement, if no pencil is available. Follow the video and see how to maximize the potential of a measure tape and make life easier. Enjoy!

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