35 Reasons Why Hydrogen Peroxide Should Be In Every Home


Peroxide is a germinal agent that is composed of water and oxygen. It kills disease organisms by oxidation, but it has the possibility to do so much more!

Peroxide is considered the safest natural and effective sanitizer. It can kill microorganisms by oxidizing them, which can be described as a controlled burning process. When peroxide reacts with organic with organic material it breaks down the oxygen and water in the materials. It is a common household component that can be used for sanitizing cuts and is a whitener for delicate items.

Peroxide is a colorless liquid that is only a little more viscous than water. It actually looks likes water, but it is definitely not water. The powerful oxidizing properties allows the peroxide to be a great bleaching agent. The oxidizing properties allow it reacts to bacteria, viruses, spores, and yeasts. There are many other things that peroxide can be used for around your house.

1. Disinfect minor cuts
2. Kill acne
3. Cure canker sores
4. Get rid of bad breath
5. Fight foot fungus
6. Treat colds
7. Get rid of an ear infection
8. Clean ear wax
9. Fight toothaches
10. Detoxing bath
11. Treat yeast infections
12. Whiten teeth
13. Use as deodorant
14. Clean contacts
15. Whiten nails
16. Cover hair roots
17. Disinfect tooth brushes
18. Cleaning around the house
19. Disinfect countertops
20. Whiten grout
21. Clean mirrors
22. Clean toilet bowls
23. Get those tiles clean
24. Kill mold
25. Clean cutting boards
26. Keep fruits and vegetables fresh
27. Clean rugs and carpets
28. Replace the bleach in your laundry room
29. Get rid of the tough stains in clothes
30. Boost your plants growth
31. Kill mites
32. Get rid of algae from an aquarium
33. Use in your water purifier
34. Relieve sinus infections
35. Boost the cleaning power of your dishwasher

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