19 People Who Are Downright Diabolical


We like to think everyone is going through life looking out for one another, but you won’t believe how diabolical some people can be. This article at Diply.com clearly outlines how to spot one of these evil doers, but it’s best to just assume they’re lurking everywhere! According to the author, little girls are the biggest culprits! But I definitely keep my eye out for diabolical evil doers wherever I go! If you would like to join the ranks of a diabolical trickster, mix up the cheese packet from some macaroni and cheese and pour it into a picture, making your family or roommates believe it is juice. Make sure you are around when they take the first sip! Gross! Can you imagine? Replacing part of your cat’s kitty litter with pop rocks would definitely be an interesting way to freak your family out. I wonder how the cat will react? Causing someone even more stress on the way to their appointment for their OCD by making the sign crooked just isn’t nice! That might be one of the most despicable things I’ve seen yet! The Beanboozle Challenge has been quite popular among grade school children, my daughter even got in on it a time or two. But it is one thing to eat skunk spray flavored jelly beans on purpose, and quite another for you to trick someone into doing it! That is definitely a sign of an evil doer. Those jelly beans were nasty! Some people wilI stop at nothing to prank everyone with the most horrible pranks! I feel sorry for you if you have any of these diabolical people in your life!