16 Of The Most Perfect Things That Have Ever Happened


Sometimes things just fit, and all is right with the world when these perfect things happen. Call it OCD, call it perfectionism or call it quirky. But whatever you call it, you have to admit that when these perfect things happen, everyone can appreciate it. When things line up perfectly, the edges are seamless or things seem as if they are meant to be together, it just brings a smile to my face! Small things, nothing world changing. Like when you have just enough pieces of candy for everyone in the room, or when you have just enough of something, such as milk for a recipe. Some of these are just amazing! Like the car console that has a small compartment that a snickers fits into. Perfectly. Like, exactly perfect! It’s like the car wants you it always have a chocolate bar waiting that won’t slide away when you hit the brakes! It might just be the most perfect day of my life if I were to pump gas and not only the price, but the number of gallons were both even. I don’t think that has ever happened to me, but I’m pretty sure it is my next goal in life! I am also a huge fan of any receipt reflecting an even number. Bonus if it’s $20 even. If you have ever worked in a grocery store, or been one of the very first customers of the day, you can appreciate perfectly fronted shelves. No items out of stock takes it to the next level of perfection. It’s a beautiful site. There are so many more examples, but these are just a few of my favorites.