15-Year-Old Gets His 13-Year-Old Sister Pregnant, Baby’s Fate Decided By Courts


A court in Northern Ireland ruled a baby boy who was born when a 15-year-old boy had sex with his 13-year-old sister and she became pregnant will be adopted.

The boy, who was born in 2012, will be put up for adoption after Justice O’Hara recently agreed to a freeing order.

In the case, the judge ruled that the mom was incapable of giving consent for adoption.

The girl’s brother, who was confirmed as the father with a DNA test, was not much involved in the legal proceedings.

It came out during the hearing that both the mother and son (who remain anonymous for legal reasons) were taken into custody by authorities after the birth, but ended up at different foster homes.

The mother was already involved in social services because of previous concerns about her own mother, step-father and siblings.

The judge noted: “None of this is her fault – she is a victim of the way in which she was raised.” A report from a psychiatrist revealed ‘in grim detail how miserable her life has been”.

The report stated: “She is not in a position to fully understand the possible consequences of the various decisions which have to be made for herself and for the boy.”

The freeing order from the judge came about after local authorities were looking to have the toddler adopted out for his best interests.

In his judgement, Justice O’Hara commented: “She is undoubtedly capable of making some decisions as is shown by some elements of the psychological assessment but not a decision which is of a magnitude and which has the consequences of the present one.”

He continued: “It appears to me that this finding on her competence undermines the proposition that she can be properly regarded as unreasonably withholding her agreement to adoption. I am satisfied that the agreement of the mother to the making of an adoption order for the child should be dispensed with because she is incapable of giving her agreement.”

Source: Mail Online
Photo: Mail Online