14 Genius DIY Halloween Lip Art Ideas

1As women, we are endlessly indebted to the joy that makeup brings us: it helps us enhance our looks, hide our temporary blemishes, and overall, make us feel better about the way we look. On the fun side, though, makeup can also be a medium to inspire some creative experimentation. Eva Senín Pernas, a Spanish makeup artist and photographer, has the ability and talent to use her makeup brush as a paintbrush; to her, makeup isn’t merely part of an everyday morning beauty routine, it is an art form.

Pernas’ main focus is on intricate lip art that encompasses a portrait of Marilyn Monroe (yes, on lips!), a bedazzled pout, a chessboard, the Pink Panther, Iron Man, and even some awesome Alice in Wonderland-inspired work. What we’re really excited about, though, is her Halloween portfolio as it has given us some great ideas for the looming holiday. You may not feel quite as confident with your technical skills as the great Eva Pernas here, but you can certainly try to put your own spin on the idea of lip art! The pumpkin looks like the easiest of them all to replicate, as does the spider. Give it a try; you have enough days before the big reveal to practice.

Check out Eva’s website and social profiles: Esphotomakeup.com | Facebook | Deviantart