At 11 weeks he entered the world. What the mother then posted on Facebook makes you think.


She had two sons already, but her third pregnancy ended tragically with a miscarriage. Tiffany Burns from Texas would end up waiting six months before sharing this startling photo on social media, as well as an important message which she penned.


Here’s what Tiffany wrote:

“This is my hand. Holding my sweet baby, Ezekiel. I delivered him on January 20, 2016. His heart stopped at 11 weeks 2 days. He had a heartbeat. Such a sweet sound. He had life! He was not a blob. He was not just a clump of cells. He was formed. Perfect. Look at the details. His sweet fingers. Toes. I am blessed to be his mother.”

No mother ever forgets this experience. But Tiffany has found a way to deal with it, while sending out an important message, both in what she says and the image of her child that she shared. Definitely something that forces you to really think about the issue of life at 11 weeks. Share her powerful post with friends and family.